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What is the most important thing about your business? One thing is keeping you computer network running as efficient as possible with as little expense as possible. Viruses, Spam, email attachments and other unwanted foreign objects try to infect your systems and are just waiting to distroy what you have worked so hard to build. Here at Teck 2, we are dedicated and are believers in reoccurring maintenance for your network. If you do not have a network, maybe we can help you build one . With Spam removers, virus updates, defrag of hard drives and critical updates, we can prevent, in most cases, the downtime you may experience before trouble happens.

  • Server Installation
  • Firewalls
  • Print Servers
    Fiery,HP Jet Direct
  • Printers
    HP,Epson,Lexmark,Canon,and Ricoh
  • Copier Connectivity
    Fiery Print servers and EFI Service