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Teck 2 Integrations Inc

Teck 2 Integrations offers a variety of services serving the Atlanta, Ga and surrounding counties. We can service surrounding states with connection to the Atlanta based companies. These services are Networking, Pc installations, firewall installs for internet security,cabling and patch panel installation. Computer/Server maintenance Spam removal and project planning.
We can visit your organization, create a project plan , analize your network to find weak points and create solutions to better your network infrastructure.

We have over 30 years of experience in Cisco,Novell, and Microsoft products. Give Us A Try!!!!!!!

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Dan Langley
Senior Consultant
164 brentwood Way
Stockbridge,Ga 30281
email dplangley55@charter.net
office 678-595-6598

Contact Information


Dplangley55@charter.net office 770-347-9536

Please feel free to email or call anytime!!